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Главная » 2016 » Ноябрь » 10 » Virtual tour to diverse Uzbekistan
Virtual tour to diverse Uzbekistan

Today, we will virtually visit the country, where antiquity meets with modernity. It is located in the heart of Central Asia. The country is famous for various kinds of art, amazing folk crafts. This is an unusual and distinctive land, the region of cotton and orchards. Where are we going? In Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan fruits

Uzbekistan is a summation of hot deserts, caravan routes crossing the boundless spaces of scorching sands and dunes. These are endless, boundless steppes. These are picturesque mountain sceneries, forests, giving way to mountain meadows. Uzbekistan is covered with eternal snow inaccessible mountain peaks and glaciers, glittering under the blue sky; mountain pastures, ranges and fast flowing rivers.

On the territory of Uzbekistan evidence of the existence of ancient culture was found. It is the country of greatest cities, which were the capitals of ancient states. Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Termez and Kokand are known worldwide.

Since ancient times Uzbekistan had been called "golden segment of the Silk Road." Uzbek cities were greatest centers of this important in the history of mankind  trade route that stretched from China to ancient Rome. Silk, porcelain, tea, rice, semi-precious stones were transported on the caravan route. In this way cultures of Europe and Asia connected.


The greater part of modern Uzbekistan is located between two major rivers of Central Asia - the Syr Darya in the north and the Amu Darya in the south. Traveling round this rich land, you will see the plains, green river valleys, blooming in spring foothill grasslands. Here is the real expanse for wild animals. In the desert there are rare antelope saiga and the huge lizard, reaching a length of 1.5 meters. In the mountains snow leopards and rare species of mountain goats inhabit.

If you are an active internet user, you most probably have encountered in your news group posts of community "Mysterious Uzbekistan" with marvelous photographs of natural attractions, looking at which it is hard to believe that all this magnificence are the amenities of Uzbekistan. Nevertheless, there is a team of enthusiasts, which is specially working hard to open as much as possible new unique places and hiking trails on the map Uzbekistan.

One such attraction is the alpine lakes Arashan. The Arashan system consists of four lakes: Arashan: Arashan, Hodga Arashan, Big and Small Arashan. All of them are high mountain lakes of moraine type and at altitudes from 2774 up to 2880 meters above sea level.

Arashan lake

The size of the Big lake is 750 m. in length and 250 m. in width. Near the lake there is a thermal spring, which all year-round has water temperature of 36.7 ° C. Just above the source there is a Sufi shrine - a huge stone, which is a tomb; and there is a tomb decorated with horns of a mountain goat. According to legend, this is the tomb of a Sufi saint Arashan-Buvi.

The upper lakes are situated at altitudes of over 3000 m. They completely thaw only by the beginning of July. Due to their location in the deep valleys, surrounded from all sides by steep slopes, they are overgrown with legends. On one of them, a lot of riders, falling down from the mountain trails, found their death in these steeps. And sometimes, especially in inclement weather, you can hear the roar of horses and the cries of the dead from the depths of the lakes.

By the way, the Small Arashan lake has a very correct form as if a man was involved in its origin.

Kanbeshbulak lake

Another mysterious place is the meteoric lake Kanbeshbulak. The small lake Kanbeshbulak is located in Khamkan hole in the west of Surkhandarya region. It is a unique monument of nature. According to scientists this lake is a meteor crater, which was filled with water and named the Lake Kanbeshbulak.

To fully get pleasure from a trip you need to book tours to Uzbekistan here https://www.people-travels.com/uzbekistan-tours/. You will taste the amazing national dishes. For a long time the Uzbek cuisine has been acquiring present appearance, absorbing all the best qualities of this sphere. Many know branded Samarkand cakes, various sweets, pilaf, cooked with a soul. At the mere mention of these dishes one immediately wants to taste them. You should not miss such an opportunity. The list of dishes is varied, both in preparation and taste. There are even some specializations in their production.

Uzbek national cuisine

Here everyone will find something of interest, for instance, national cuisine, foundations and traditions or natural riches. Crafts should be given a due attention. The most significant path for the country is, of course, silk fabrics, carpets and gold embroidery. Famous styles "basma" and "iroki" arised in Uzbekistan. So, the locals make paper, clay buildings and various ceramic products in accordance with ancient technologies.

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